Sunday, June 26, 2011

Swap Party

Catching up on my blog reading today, I stumbled across As much as I love thrift shopping, I can’t believe I have never come across this before.  The girls over at Swapaholics hosted a Swap Party in Austin, Tx back in march. From my research, I didn’t find any information on any Swaps having been or to be held here in our area. 
The more I read today, I thought “Why couldn’t I host one for all of my friends here in Houston!?!” As much as all of my friends love fashion, I think it would be fun to host a swap party!!  Also, what a great way to save money and get some great new additions to your wardrobe. 
Would anyone be interested? 
If so, I will start working on organizing a swap Party. Not only would it be a great time to socialize but, you’d also get to leave with fabulous new clothes, shoes and accessories, without the cost of a day of shopping. 
Basic Concept: Bring a bag of clothing, shoes and/or accessories, leave with a bag of clothes, shoes and/or accessories. If you only bring 5 items, you still get to fill your bag as full as you can get it.  
Leave me a comment if you’re in the area and would be interested in attending. 

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  1. this sounds good. i would love to come. i now have clothes that are too big for me and not the $ to replace all at one time now. idea: since some may bring a variety of quality stuff, would it be more fair to donate with a dollar value on each item? then you get a voucher for that much money and use it to shop at the swap shop.

    it is kind of like when a parent dies, they place a value on all the stuff, add up the $ of stuff and divide it among the children. they know they have enough stuff when they reach their $ value. makes sense?

    the person bringing the stuff can determine the $ value of it, maybe what they would sell it for at a garage sale price. just an idea.

    i would have size 12 clothes coming. some 14's. please invite some my age too so we have ladies sizes and not just junior things.

    thanks for organizing this. sounds like fun.