Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Make the Most of Everyday

I have been following the #shereadstruth girls in their devotional studies from the YouVersion app on the iPhone/iPad.  Today’s devotional was from James 4:13-15. Life is but a fleeting moment. We shouldn’t spend our days wishing for this or that or the next step in life, but we should live with the mindset “Lord if it is your will, then I will do this or that”. I am praying that God will help me in this area, as it is a big problem for me. I work so many hours and have so few hours at home with my husband and daughter, that I find myself wishing my days away. Counting down the hours until I can be home with them or just be off of work already. I pray God helps me to change my way of thinking and to make the most of everyday that I am given. For we do not know what will happen tomorrow, so we must strive to bring God glory in each day He has blessed us with. 
If you haven’t seen my gazillion instagram/Facebook posts about #shereadstruth, check it out!! It has blessed me so much in the past few weeks. I am so amazed at how quickly this has caught on, all because a few ladies got hungry for more of God’s word and wanted to help encourage each other to stick with it. I love how it is connecting hundreds of women through God’s word. We are all helping and encouraging one another as we read God’s truth in His word. It doesn’t take long 5-10 mins if you don’t have much time in your day, or you can spend as long as you like reading and praying over the devotional. Whatever works for you and your schedule. I pray that it blesses you as much as it has me and that together we can learn more, better our lives through God’s word and do more for God’s kingdom.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Studying God's Word

More and more lately I have been studying God's word. I have been more encouraged and have received more understanding than ever in my life.
A group of young women from my church, Life Church of Houston, started the Esther bible study by Beth Moore. It has been life changing! I can't wait to do the homework each week, and then can't wait for the next Tuesday night session. Each week as we study Esther verse by verse, Beth Moore relates it to our everyday lives. I used to think that the Old testament didn't/couldn't relate to my life today. Boy, was I wrong... Beth Moore lays it out and shows us how much it really does relate. I love everything I am learning from this bible study. I encourage you, if you've never done this study, to check it out. 

I am so excited about what God is revealing to me through his word.