Sunday, January 15, 2012

10 Months Old...

Where has time gone? 
Seems just like yesterday that I was going to the hospital to give birth to this perfect little angel. NOW... she is clapping, rolling, standing up, feeding herself, babbling, smiling and all the other things that 10 month olds do. :)
Wow, how a child changes everything. Macelyn Grayce is truly amazing, and has changed our lives in so many ways. She makes gloomy days better with just one smile or slobbery raspberry on the cheek.
We are so happy to have this sweet, sweet baby in our lives!! 
I had a little photo shoot with her this afternoon. I love having a little girl, she is the perfect little model! :) Enjoy some shots from our little session. 

She loved the leaves. She kept trying to eat them!

Love my Angel Eyes!!! 


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