Saturday, May 21, 2011

Adventures in Thrifting

so i love drifting through thrift stores, looking for that special item that will become my next treasure. 
its amazing what some people get rid of that is actually pretty awesome.
or decor items that you can spray a coat of paint on and make look brand new.

a couple of weekends ago, i went to check out a new Goodwill store that open in our area.
it is very clean, and their clothing is very organized and easy to go through. usually Goodwill prices their stuff a little higher than i want to pay, but i'm just spoiled with some of the smaller privately owned thrift stores where i can walk out with 3-4 outfits for $10- 15. every now and then though, you can find a good deal. 
this day i stumbled up on a marc jacobs dress for $10
 and a vintage stoneware pot for $3.99.

i love my treasures. 
can't wait until my next treasure hunt! 

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  1. I LOVE finding a good deal! Both sales and thrift stores :) I found the cutest olive oil jar I put on my blog!