Tuesday, May 17, 2011

good day!!

Bea, Mama and Mace
So this is my first attempt at a blog post. I am excited about starting this blog, and look forward to the places it will take me.

A little about me, I am a newly married (2 years in November), new mother (Macelyn is 2 months old), who loves God, my family and living life to the fullest! I love all things outdoors, playing with my baby girl, cooking/baking, photography, decorating, refinishing furniture, sewings, crafts, and I'm not afraid to try new things!!! I will be blogging about all of these things in the future! you will also learn all about my family and especially my wonderful and amazing husband!

Today, Macelyn had her two month check up which meant she had to get four shots. I have been dreading it for a month! A nice surprise was my parents (who live in Midland) came for a quick visit on Monday, so my mom was able to come with me to her appt. She was such a good girl! Of course she screamed when she got the shots, but she calmed down very quickly! I was so proud of her!

Since my parents don't get to see her much, we let them keep her over night in their hotel room. This was the first time she has spent the night anywhere. I was happy to let my parents have the night with her, and I enjoyed a good nights rest!!! I sure was happy to see her this morning though. :)

We visited with my parents for lunch, then they headed home to Midland. Darren's brother and his wife, Summer, and our nephew Carson came over for dinner! I made Tacos. Then Summer and I did Zumba on the Wii! It was a workout for sure! We will be sore tomorrow!

It was a good day after all! Well I'm off to sleep, back to work tomorrow!


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